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21 Апреля  2021 года
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  • Тура эдим джата, къайдан чыкъды хата?
  • Ата Джуртуму башы болмасам да, босагъасында ташы болайым.
  • Ишге юренсин къоллары, халкъ бла болсун джоллары.
  • Къызны минг тилер, бир алыр.
  • Къонакъ аз олтурур, кёб сынар.
  • Ойнай билмеген, уруб къачар.
  • Татлы сёз – балдан татлы.
  • Къарыусузгъа кюлме, онгсузгъа тийме.
  • Бал – татлы, балдан да бала – татлы.
  • Биреуню эскиси биреуге джангы болмайды.
  • Чабар ат – джетген къыз.
  • Суу ичген шауданынга тюкюрме.
  • Джюз элде джюз ёгюзюм болгъандан эсе, джюз джууугъум болсун.
  • Сабий кёргенин унутмаз.
  • Бастасын ашагъан, хантусун да ичер.
  • Биреуге кёлтюрген таягъынг, кесинги башынга урур.
  • Ачыкъ джюрекге джол – ачыкъ.
  • Бал чибинни ургъаны – ачы, балы – татлы.
  • Таякъ этден ётер, тил сюекден ётер.
  • Чомарт джарлы болмаз.
  • Рысхы – сют юсюнде кёмюк кибикди.
  • Ишлемеген – тишлемез.
  • Биреуге аманлыкъ этиб, кесинге игилик табмазса.
  • Таугъа чыгъаллыкъ эсенг, тюзде къалма.
  • Тёзгеннге, джабылгъан эшик ачылыр.
  • Экеу тутушса, биреу джыгъылыр.
  • Кёл – къызбай, къол – батыр.
  • Намыс сатылыб алынмайды.
  • Джаш болсун, къыз болсун, акъылы, саны тюз болсун.
  • Накъырданы арты керти болур.
  • Къарны аманнга къазан такъдырма, къолу аманнга от джакъдырма.
  • Тиширыусуз юй – отсуз от джагъа.
  • Чакъырылмагъан къонакъ тёрге атламаз.
  • Сёз къанатсыз учар.
  • Ишни ахырын ойламай, аллын башлама.
  • Айыбны суу бла джууалмазса.
  • Тилсиз миллет джокъ болур.
  • Тилчиден кери бол.
  • Ишин билген, аны сыйын чыгъарады.
  • Кюн кёрмеген, кюн кёрсе, кюндюз чыракъ джандырыр.
  • Сууда джау джокъ, кёб сёзде магъана джокъ.
  • Ач бёрюге мекям джокъ.
  • Джерни букъусу кёкге къонмаз.
  • Керилген да, ургъан кибикди.
  • Халкъны юйю – туугъан джери.
  • Ариу сёз аурууунгу алыр.
  • Башда акъыл болмаса, эки аякъгъа кюч джетер.
  • Орну джокъну – сыйы джокъ.
  • Сескекли кесин билдирир.
  • Сабий болмагъан джерде, мёлек болмаз.

04.03.2021 14:22:36

New 99skincare Products Think Before You Buy

You'll find many sorts of 99skincare products through affordable to more than $ 500.00 for jar less than a ounce. Does price tag actually suggest its a lot better or even is it only the product packaging you are investing in?

Beauty products and also skincare counters for ladies are as video clips outlets to young people, we just cannot stroll by with no ceasing and also looking. Along with the very packaging, well-dressed people searching clear in the white-colored lab coats of theirs, how can we not cease as well as look? 99skincare companies know we're always trying to find some thing superior, since we've been lead to believe bigger rates have got meaning a far better product than the drugstore skincare product or service you may well be making use of right this moment.

If you're looking for new skincare goods you have to offer yourself a few opinions of what you are searching for and also what you're prepared to invest because of it. Think thoroughly with regards to buying just about any over the nook skincare product costing more $ 30.00. Do not forget that any skincare products that you may buy from your dermatologist are generally much more potent. If you are unclear what sort of skincare product you need to be consuming because of your grow older, consult the skin doctor of yours to advise what she believes with work. The last thing you'd like is buying a over-expensive skincare item simply to realize that you have wasted your money.

Do you want to pay $ 500.00 over a ounce of skincare, and then discover you are allergic to a compound?

Furthermore a great suggestion in picking a new skincare product is less components is a bit better. In case you can / t look at the terms and conditions mainly because there's a great deal of it, you might not what you should try it. In addition when determining to look at new stuff, do a single skincare item at one time to be sure you don't have a reaction to it. By attempting a whole brand new skincare regiment at one time can render your face fully split out there because of the mixing of the skincare products if you are not conscientious.

Avoid expensive "window dressing". Meaning the upscale and even more costly skincare ointments could have perfume within them and they also offer you absolutely no advantages just higher cost. You'll find all-natural skincare items which can break the skin of yours out there also, that be careful. Just do recall that here the aim of yours to attaining effective skincare is not directly proportion for the amount of your time or maybe how much you spend or possibly the amount of products you're use. All of us have to know that with every advertisements the thought is to make you think you require much more than you choose to do, that paying more income means far better product or service and that they seriously work. Plus purchasing the whole skincare set up is better for you than buying a single merchandise.

In the event at all probable look at as well as obtain a sample prior to when you get, in case not possibly walk away and think of it before lunging about the train of most up skincare craze. Do not trust all of the buzz you notice in all of the ebooks, advertisements and even publications. That's their job. It's making you would like it still if your skincare regiment works just great for you.

Just understand that virtually any skincare routine you do in the home is likely to take determination and time, this means when you are going to start using something totally new, stay with for a several months. As it could take that long to really see some real outcomes. There is no genuine solve the lines and wrinkles of yours within a few times skincare lotion, what you need to undertake is choose what you are willing to invest, just how lots of time you want to bring every evening and morning on your skincare regimen and go from there. Although the packaging is all shiny and bright doesn't imply what's located in the box is likely to be everything you really need to use.

Remember that if you are doing discover a thing that you feel might get the job done, think about the cost more than three to four months before deciding to buy. Spending $ 300.00 every month on a single merchandise could actually add up, uniquely in the event it requires some time to discover some real outcomes. Throughout these times of less money to invest, we have to really consider roughly the real costs. The face of yours is observed by everybody, you need to truly take proper care of it. Of course, if that implies purchasing drugstore skincare products since they work subsequently do it. You know best, not any fancy dressed female behind the skincare kitchen counter.

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